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Actions to be Taken to Use Social Channels for Local SEO

Following are some very useful tips to use different social websites for local SEO:

Create your business page on Google+. Considering the importance that Google is giving to businesses which use its social network, it is essential to have a page in this set and optimized platform. Make sure the information matches the website and other channels.

Register your business in Google Places for Business. Registration is free and the goal is that your business is verified by Google for it to appear in the top results when people look for information in a particular area. Google sends a code to check that your business is real and is working.


Register your business in local directories. There are a lot of local directories where you can add your company to increase its visibility. Before doing that, make sure to choose those directories which are considered reliable and they enjoy excellent reputation.

Create your business page on Facebook. This is what is known as a fan page and is important not to confuse them with friends profile pages and groups. If you have a business, the best option to promote it is through a Fan Page which is well prepared. You must includeall the information about your business and also link it to your website and other channels.

Publish more content than market value. While it is true that every business needs to sell and that is one of its main objectives. The best strategy to captivate your audience is helping them, and this is achieved with quality content. Make sure to respond to comments and criticisms in all the channels where you have the promoted your brand.

Optimize your site for mobile devices. Smart phones and tablets are part of the lives of people, everybody takes them everywhere, for that reason they are a great opportunity to find customers locally. So your this website should be optimized for these devices, otherwise it is going to stay away from your business.

Keep your blog updated. Many people think that a blog is not important for local businesses. This is a great misconception. A blog, whether you have a large or small business, is one of the greatest assets of any local SEO strategy. The key to success is to post quality content often so that the search engines begin to qualify as a reference and improve your rankings every day.

Do not forget YouTube. The video content is a format that everyone likes, and search engines give priority when positioning. "If you take advantage, the most of your channel increase the visibility of your brand, you build bonds of authority, increase your social action because they are easy to share and discuss," said Tim Edward from MezzoLogic, a Los Angeles based SEO agency.


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